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Rosina Lillywhite

Rosina Lillywhite QTLS CertED IQA REVN  

Rosina is currently Head of Centre at VetPartners Nursing School and also supports the Clinic nurse team at the Liphook Equine Hospital. Rosina started her career in equine nursing in 2003 when she began at Liphook Equine Hospital as a part-time weekend nursing assistant at the age of 17. She quickly fell in love with the job and became a full-time yard nursing assistant in 2004.  

In 2009, Rosina started studying for her Equine Nursing Diploma at Hartpury College; part way through this, she changed her role to become part of the clinic nurse team, where she found a particular passion for diagnostics and theatre nursing. In 2012, Rosina qualified from Hartpury College as a registered equine veterinary nurse and formed part of the veterinary team at the 2012 London Paralympics.  

In 2017 she became Head Clinic Nurse, and in 2019 she helped open the VetPartners Nursing School based in Petersfield where she now spends most of her time as the Head of Centre; this has been an exciting role, and she enjoys shaping future nurses. Rosina is working as one of the two editors to produce a new equine nursing textbook to ensure relevant study materials for new student nurses.  

Rosina’s current passions are surgical site infection prevention and human factors in veterinary medicine as well as supporting the nursing role in practice.  




Rosina Lillywhite
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