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A Sustainable Congress

At BEVA we are committed to doing our bit for the environment and we do everything we can to ensure we are conscious of our environmental footprint.

And Congress is no different.... 

The Steps We've Taken to Make Congress More Sustainable

Carefully Selected Venues and Partners

Who we work with to deliver Congress matters to us. We ensure that everyone we work with has the same ambitions as us when it comes to minimising the impact we have on the environment. From the venue Congress is held in through to the hotels we stay at.

BEVA Congress 2021 is being held at the ICC in Birmingham. This venue is passionate about sustainability and has put in place a number of initiatives to ensure the impact on the environment is reduced. You can find out more on their website.

The ICC is also an ideal venue for BEVA Congress as it is a venue that is easy to reach by public transport and once you have arrived it is located in Central Birmingham so you will not require additional transport to attend the conference or travel into the centre for evening social events.

Reducing Paper

Over the last few years we have worked hard to reduce the amount of paper at BEVA Congress. Whilst we aren't yet a paperless conference we have: 

  • removed the need for paper registration forms by improving our online booking process and introducing an online form instead of a PDF form for those that do not want to book via our online process. 

  • continuing to improve the BEVA Congress app to provide everything you need for the conference on your phone rather than providing printed information


Reducing Waste

At the end of conferences, you often see bins of paper and rubbish. We have been taking steps to reduce the amount of waste the conference produces including​:

  • providing a hot lunch to all attendees rather than providing packed lunches and disposable cutlery; this considerably reduces packaging waste 

  • in 2019 we gave every attendee a reusable water bottle (sponsored by VetPartners) instead of providing plastic and paper cups

  • for the last 5 years, we have sent unwanted delegate bags to the Gambian Horse and Donkey Trust for them to distribute to school children so that they are reused rather than thrown away

  • for the 2021 congress, we are trialling a digital delegate bag rather than a physical bag and the flyers and materials you receive in your delegate bag will all be provided digitally

The ICC also has a robust waste management policy in place where non-recyclable waste is incinerated to create electricity for the local community. 


Re-Use Policy

We are committed to the mantra reduce, reuse and recycle and wherever possible reuse items and materials for BEVA Congress. Examples of where we re-use items and materials include: 

  • we reuse the signs and notices that are located around BEVA Congress each year instead of throwing them away

  • we reuse the materials and equipment every year for building the BEVA member lounge area in the exhibition hall. This reduces the printing and materials used to build the stand space.