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Sarah Logie

 Sarah Logie FWCF  

Serving her apprenticeship in the Scottish Highlands, Sarah made history in 2006 as the first ever female to qualify with honours. After working abroad, she started her business in 2007, then went on to sit the Associate exam in 2012, passing with Distinction. 

As a result of seeing an increase in environmental related foot infections particularly seedy toe she embarked upon the Fellowship exam with an article published on the classification of types of seedy toe, then a thesis looking at the treatment of structural seedy toe by medication and filling. Passing in May 2017 she became one of only two women to hold the qualification.  

As part of Farriery Tuition Ltd, she offers theory tutoring for farriers sitting their higher exams. Her book ‘Advanced Farriery Knowledge’ was published in 2023 and has since sold in 16 countries. 




Sarah Logie
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