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Jutta Sielhorst

Jutta Sielhorst, DiplECAR  

Jutta obtained her veterinary degree in 2006 and received her specialty training at the University of Hanover, Germany. Her main research interests include ultrasonography of the late pregnant mare, use of Doppler ultrasonography in the pregnant mare and functionality of the pregnant uterus. After numerous years of experience in the field of equine reproductive medicine at the Celle State Stud, the University of Veterinary Medicine Foundation (TiHo) Hanover, the Veterinary Competence Center Karthaus GmbH, Germany and specialist clinics in New Zealand and Australia, Jutta has recently created ReproTraining - working independently at the interface between science and practice.  

The focus of ReproTraining is on practice-oriented continuing education - online seminars and on-site courses - and collegial exchange in the field of reproductive medicine. As such, long-term goals are scientific work in cooperation with the TiHo Hanover and the exchange of knowledge between science and practice. 

Jutta Sielhorst
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