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Andre Buthe

Andre Buthe Dr Med Vet MRCVS, Cert Acupuncture (IVAS) & Chiropractic (AVCA) 

Andre worked as an equine veterinarian at the University of Berlin performing research of the ‘kissing-spine’ syndrome, alongside his clinical work. In 2003 Andre set up practice for sports medicine in the UK and has been team veterinarian for the British Equestrian Federation and its World Class performance programme since 2006. He is a FEI accredited veterinarian and has supported various nations at the Olympics, world equestrian games and international competitions. 

He combines conventional orthopaedic medicine with acupuncture and chiropractic to allow the horse to reach and maintain its optimum performance. Most of his case load is back problem and lameness related. 

Andre has competed to International level himself, so has a great understanding of the demands on high performance horses. 

Andre Buthe
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