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Equine Behaviour: the good, the bad and the downright dangerous

We are pleased to announce that Gemma Pearson, The Horse Trust, will present the 2023 John Hickman Memorial Lecture. She will talk about the horse-veterinarian interaction.

Equine vets sustain an unacceptably high level of injuries from the horses they are trying to treat. But we often forget that these are normal behavioural responses to an acute stressor for this species. I will discuss how we can use an understanding of equine behaviour to quickly achieve compliance from our patients. Furthermore, equine behavioural medicine is an exciting and rapidly evolving discipline and I will explore where the future may take us. - Gemma Pearson

Other sessions you might be interested in include...

Friday 15: Recognising and managing pain

Chaired by Rose Tallon

8.30: Is it a behavioural issue or pain? - Gemma Pearson

8.50: Pain assessment following surgery - April Lawson

9.10: Horse owners' perception of pain - Becky Smith

9.30: Donkey pain scoring - Rebekah Sullivan

9.50: CAT: Are paracetamol and gabapentin effective equine analgesics? - Emily Floyd

As well as providing an exceptional scientific programme of CPD covering just about every aspect of equine medicine, surgery and practice, BEVA Congress is world-famous for its social scene and 2023 will be no exception. It will all kick off on Wednesday 13 September with a welcome reception at the famous Alchemist cocktail bar.

Super early bird tickets for BEVA Congress are available until 31st May 2023. Tickets provide access to all lecture and exhibition halls as well as full access to the virtual congress hub (which you will have access to for six months after the event).

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