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Changing Hearts and Minds

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Freeman, University of Nottingham, will present the 2023 Peter Rossdale Memorial Lecture. She will discuss the nuances of human behaviour change.

The challenge of changing hearts and minds is encountered by vets every day. I will explore how we encourage horse owners to make the best evidence-based decisions for equine care and welfare. I will look at the top five welfare concerns in a horse and discuss barriers encountered and some of the possible solutions. I will also share our experiences of owner information campaigns and the different lessons, good and bad, we have learnt from doing these. - Sarah Freeman, University of Nottingham

Human behaviour change is one of Dave Rendle's themes for this year's BEVA Congress.

"Behavioural studies enable us to better understand health-related behaviours and identify potential barriers to change. Failure to utilise behavioural science not only compromises the potential benefits of interventions but can result in overtly negative impacts on health. Models suggest that in order to change behaviour, we first need to understand that behaviour and endeavour to understand the attitudes and values which contribute to the behaviour being performed, as well as the social and environmental factors which make the behaviour easier or more difficult to carry out." - Dave Rendle, BEVA President

Other sessions you might be interested in include...

Thursday 14: What every vet needs to know about their client

Chaired by Lucy Grieve

8.30: Introducing the science of behaviour change in the veterinary practice - Susie Rogers

8.45: How behaviour change approaches can help you and your client - Tamzin Furtado

9.05: How we used behaviour change methodology to evaluate the 'REACT' colic campaign - Katie Lightfoot

9.15: What is MI and why does everyone keep talking about it? - Bronwen Williams

9.35: How HBC principles are integral to what we do in working equids - Laura Skippen

Friday 15 Communication in the practice and in the field

As well as providing an exceptional scientific programme of CPD covering just about every aspect of equine medicine, surgery and practice, BEVA Congress is world-famous for its social scene and 2023 will be no exception. It will all kick off on Wednesday 13 September with a welcome reception at the famous Alchemist cocktail bar.

Super early bird tickets for BEVA Congress are available until 31st May 2023. Tickets provide access to all lecture and exhibition halls as well as full access to the virtual congress hub (which you will have access to for six months after the event).