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BEVA Congress 2023: Better than ever

The BEVA Congress 2023 programme is better than ever with high-quality lectures given by an exciting mix of top-class speakers from across the globe. As we continue to live in unprecedented times, we have chosen to focus on the real issues faced by first-opinion clinicians in the field today.

This year, for the first time, in addition to the first-rate clinical content for which BEVA Congress is so well known, we will think about how we can affect human behaviour in order to maximise equine welfare and how we can have more effective conversations with our clients and build stronger relationships. We will explore the influences on owner compliance and look at how we can change the way we do things to optimise owners perception of the industry. We will also explore how our own behaviour influences how we approach cases and reflect on whether a change of behaviour may enhance outcomes, particularly by improving owners’ understanding of our goals. We look at the relationships we have with different groups and in different situations and explore how our approaches may need to be adapted.

This year’s Congress will consider different learning styles and will incorporate more interactive discussion, debates and workshop content than ever before. We have incorporated more critically appraised topics (CAT) where speakers will present the best available evidence on a focused question such as how best to treat impinging spinous processes and the value of intradermal skin testing for allergy. We also have breakout rooms with discussions on how to thrive as a new graduate ambulatory vet and a day of exciting nursing sessions, focussing on subjects such as communicating equine behaviour to clients and compassion fatigue.

One of the biggest challenges the industry currently faces is recruitment and retention. We will explore how we can attract and support new and recent graduates recognising that they are the future of the profession. We hope to see as many of these new faces as possible at the annual BEVA Dinner on Friday night! There can be no denying that a trip to Congress offers a unique opportunity to meet up with colleagues, rekindle old friendships and make new connections in a relaxed and friendly environment. One area where there may not be such a relaxed atmosphere will be in the planned self-defence session planned in the trade stand area on Friday afternoon!

We will also address environmental concerns by learning how we can adopt a greener and more sustainable working practice, and equality and diversity in the industry.

Overall this Congress offers one of the most diverse and exciting programmes ever and we can’t wait to see you there!

Keep your eyes peeled as we announce the programme over the next couple of months.

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