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Advanced wound management to reduce antimicrobial usage

We’re pleased to welcome Essity Animal Healthcare to BEVA Congress 2023 for the first time this year.

Do make sure you chat with them about their products including Cutimed® Sorbact® which has been proven to prevent and treat wound infection.

Cutimed® Sorbact® dressings act against infections and removes bacteria, irreversibly binding them to its surface to reduce bioburden and support natural wound healing.

Cutimed® Sorbact® is highly effective against common wound bacteria and multi-drug resistant bacteria including MRSA and VRE, but also targets fungi. Potentially reducing the need for systemic antibiotics.

Unlike bactericidal substances that kill bacteria, development of bacterial resistance is not expected with the mode of action of Cutimed® Sorbact® and can be used prophylactically.

Cutimed® Sorbact® has been shown to:

  • Reduces bioburden in wounds

  • No release of active substances into the wound​ bed

  • Does not promote the bacterial release of endotoxins

  • Development of bacterial or fungal resistance is not expected​

  • No known contraindications and low risk of allergies​

  • No limitation in treatment time

Download more information below.

Cutimed Sorbact Detailer V4
Download PDF • 1.09MB

Make sure you drop by their stand (no C13) to say hello and learn more about what they offer when you’re at BEVA Congress 2023.

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