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About Audevard Laboratoires

The Audevard team has built a network of over 10,000 horse vets in Europe and strives every day to bring them greater peace of mind in their work. Over the last 40 years, Audevard has been developing its unique position as a 100% equine pharmaceutical lab – building its consolidated leadership in France and, more recently, growing quickly in other European countries with unique specialities like Tildren, Equioxx, Ekyflogyl, Imaverol, and an expanding catalog of drugs. Focusing all their resources on equine vets is a strategic choice. They believe that vets are best positioned to secure the long-term health and well-being of horses thanks to their unique expertise in equine medicine and their proximity to animals and owners. They are more than equine vets: they are horse vets. With 10,000 equine-vet clients, they understand the diversity of this profession today and are delighted to invent the equine health of tomorrow together, while also taking into account ecological challenges. They aim to bring innovation to equine health by developing a better understanding and practices for each condition, working together to set clear protocols. What’s more, they often integrate their vet-formulated nutraceuticals into these protocols to offer a global approach and ensure the total satisfaction of horse owners. If you are a horse vet, rest assured that you can always rely on Audevard to offer you the greatest peace of mind in your day-to-day and future work. Find out more at BEVA Congress 2023 by dropping by their stand.

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