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60 Years of Team Work for the Good of the Horse

Updated: Mar 25

This year Lucy Grieve, BEVA President has selected teamwork as the theme for BEVA Congress 2021. Lucy explains why...

"The theme for Congress 2021 is how the equine veterinary industry relies on the ability of individuals to work together as a team. In modern day veterinary medicine, no one person can satisfactorily deliver all that is required.

Without a team approach, from vets, nurses, practice managers, farriers, EDTs, musculoskeletal therapists and many others the potential to maximise the health and welfare of horses cannot be fulfilled.

If we all stop and consider the roles and responsibilities of those around us, and work towards forging strong relationships based on trust and camaraderie, we can do far more to serve our patients than if we work alone or with competition and contempt for one another.

By approaching education with this in mind we can invite new ways of learning and sharing knowledge which will not only benefit our patients but benefit us all as individuals in our daily work.

Focusing on the work of one person is essential, but doing so in the context of what we do as a team is where clinical application really starts to grow wings, and the scope for us all to improve increases exponentially."

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