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2021 Scientific Programme

This year the Scientific Programme has so much to offer from our main programme stream through to exclusive virtual content. Browse the full programme below.

Short Title
Author Name
Minimally invasive removal of obstructive ureteral stones by lithotripsy in horses: 3 cases
Jean, Daniel
The use of a box with an adjustable ceiling to prevent pre-mature rising attempts after general anaesthesia
Sjoblom, Anna
Short Title
Author Name
Variability of left atrial volume
Worsman, Francesca
3D mapping and ablation of AT
Glenn Van Steenkiste
TVEC success and AF recurrence
Vernemmen, Ingrid
Equine fitness tracker: ECG validation
ter Woort, Fe
Morphology of myocardial sleeve
Kovacs, Szilvia
Short Title
Author name
Diode laser therapy of infundibular disease
Belz, Jorg-Peter
What do we breathe in when performing routine equine motorised dentistry?
Bescoby, Sam
Short Title
Author Name
Audit of large animal rescues in the UK
Archer, Debbie
Do horse owners disclose CAVM use?
Keller, Pia
Prevalence of PPID in TB broodmares
Moore, Sarah
Epidemiology of equine acorn toxicosis
Leroux, Aurelia
Short Title
Author Name
Survey-based investigation of factors associated with owners' decision to refer a horse diagnosed with critical colic
Lightfoot, Katie
Modified FLASH protocol for colic cases
Lawson, April
Linea alba dehiscence
Hann, Michelle
Clinical signs of EGGD
Hewetson, Michael
Surgical site infections in horses
Isgren, Cajsa
Short Title
Author Name
Bone marrow oedema-type pattern at the enthesis of the collateral ligaments of the distal interphalangeal joint: Magnetic resonance findings and long-term prognosis
Federica Cantatore
CT in proximal metatarsal and tarsal regions
Shaw, Rebecca
Foot MRI: do observers agree?
Byrne, Christian
T2 mapping of cartilage in the DIPJ
Baker, Melissa
Manica flexoria tears
Cavallier, Francesca
US assessment of thoracolumbar APJs
Morgan, Rhiannon
CT in horses with headshaking
Perrier, Melanie
Cone beam CT distal limb
Fairburn, Alison
Short Title
Author Name
Thoracolumbosacral ROM during riding
MacKechnie-Guire, Russell
Asymmetries in elite/non-elite horses
MacKechnie-Guire, Russell
Girth pressures/limb kinematics when galloping
MacKechnie-Guire, Russell
Lungeing, diagnostic analgesia and symmetry
Marunova, Eva
Back movement asymmetry during riding
MacKechnie-Guire, Russell
Movement asymmetry and diagnostic analgesia
Pfau, Thilo
Horseshoes, surface hoof angle changes
Reilly, Patrick
Kneeblock design and spinal kinematics
Murray, Rachel
Thermal patterns and saddle pressures
MacKechnie-Guire, Russell
Short Title
Author Name
Inhaled ciclesonide in asthmatic horses
Pirie, Scott
Globetrotting of strangles
Waller, Andrew
A recent outbreak of equine herpes virus-1 myeloencephalopathy in the South of England
Brunt, Iain
Use of antimicrobials in equine practice
Wilson, Amie
Predictors of laminitis development in non-laminitic ponies
Edward Knowles
Factor affecting vitamin D status in horses
Dosi, Miranda
Diagnosis of upper respiratory tract disorders in horses using a cheap, flexible and steerable borescope
Neuckermans, Zo�
Short Title
Author Name
Hindlimb foot conformation
Kalka, Karolina
Diagnostic features and long-term outcome associated with straight and oblique distal sesamoidean ligament
Hawkins, Alex
Low-field MRI of suspensory enthesis
Hewitt-Dedman, Charlotte
Boorman, Sophie
Auth, Adel
Motion asymmetry: speed, surface, circle
Pfau, Thilo
Ultrasound guided medication of the caudal cervical nerve root outlets
Wood, Andrew
Hoof surgery in donkeys - results of 24 cases
Thiemann, Alex
Complications of SI joint injections
Nagy, Annamaria
Longer toes reduce lameness risk in draught donkeys in Pakistan
PARKES, Rebecca Sarah Victoria
Long-term follow-up of 74 cases of equine sacroiliac region pain
Pudney, Camilla
Short Title
Author Name
Fractures in Racehorses
Johnston, Anna
Complete tibial fractures in California racehorses
Samol, Monika
Short Title
Author Name
Antimicrobial resistance of endometrial bacterial isolates collected from UK Thoroughbred mares between 2014 and 2020
Rathbone, Polly
Survival and foaling rates of hydrops
Lemonnier, Louise
Comparison of methods to prepare platelet-rich plasma for intrauterine infusions in mares
Podico, Giorgia
Retained foetal membranes survey
Crabtree, James
Causes of juvenile Thoroughbred mortality
Mouncey, Rebecca